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Strategic Human Capital Consortium Kick off

Having extensive and intense corporate careers -as credible influencers at the Senior Executive level-, was the first step of our journeys.  Becoming successful entrepreneurs as Human Capital consultants came next.  

At this point, we recognize it makes sense to leverage the camaraderie and support provided by likeminded individuals.  

As a result, in addition to maintaining our own practices, we have formed ”Strategic Human Capital Consortium”.

To serve our clients, this Consortium brings together our companies as specific opportunities arise where it makes sense to combine capabilities, therefore providing a comprehensive array of expertise:

-Culture & Leadership Development

-Customer Centric Organization Design & Change Management

-Board Advisory on Strategic Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness

-High Performing Teams & Employee Engagement

We also serve as a pivot for networking, supporting and acquiring knowledge among the Human Capital consultant community.

Alongside the launching of their website (, Strategic Human Capital Consortium is reaching out to clients and prospects with a monthly communiqué –”Human Capital Thoughts”, as well as “Let’s Talk About This” –a recurrent webinar to discuss critical Human Capital topics in the CEO’s agenda.

If you consider People and Culture as your brand differentiator, count on us to deliver.

Let's talk...

Let's talk...