Strategic Human Capital Consortium

About Us


Strength. Experience. Knowledge


Our Principles

• A Consortium of Strategic  Human Capital Experts

• Experienced in Fortune 500 Companies

• Knowledgeable of US and Latin America Countries

• Complementary experience in Country, Region and Global HR roles

• End-to-end strategic understanding and successful execution of Advisory to Business and HR

• English, Spanish, Portuguese

• We believe in People and Culture as a brand differentiator

• We play to our strengths, and complement each other

• Located in South Florida; working Everywhere


What is a Consortium?

con·sor·ti·um [kənˈsôrdēəm, kənˈsôrSH(ē)əm]

an association, typically of several business or companies.

synonyms: association · alliance · coalition · union · league · guild · syndicate · federation · confederation · confederacy · conglomerate · cooperative · combine · partnership · affiliation · organization · club · society · congress

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